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Who Is ODI TV?

ODI TV approaches streaming content from the internet a little differently from that of our competitors.

We don’t charge you for hardware that may break or become obsolete in a few months nor do we leave you behind after the sale. Our team of management and tech nerds have been collectively passionate about streaming content from the internet for over 30 years, using the latest developments of open source media players. When you subscribe to our monthly support service, we provide you with the best streaming media hub hardware AT NO COST, and then our dedicated team maintains it, along with the links to content YOU want to play, so you have the most reliable and consistent access to the content found, ON DEMAND from the Internet.

Love & commitment

We all love what we do. Craig is the brains behind our magic and has been a true pioneer in various open source media platforms for over 15 years. Liz is Craig’s better half and handles much of our customer service and day to day operations and is able to translate Craig speak so we all know what his brain is thinking. Jobe is our marketing guy and contributes application of our service to today’s markets and communities. Together with some other help, we strive to make your streaming experience a viable and fulfilling alternative to the way you have been getting your content in the past.

Legal is in the details

We live in a very big world that has grown much closer through technology. Today ALL CONTENT finds its way onto the internet, hosted by servers in all parts of the world. Many content providers distribute their content freely this way. Many do not. Accessing copyrighted content hosted on servers and made available via links to anyone who knows where to look is not a violation of any law in the US. The act of taking content you do not have the rights to, and hosting it on a server and making it available, CERTAINLY IS BREAKING THE LAW! Those successfully prosecuted face stiff penalties from those laws currently in force. We, here at ODI TV, do not host or redistribute content of any kind, never have and never will. We simply point you to links and sources that already exist for all types of content.

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