Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to the most common questions

Pretty much everything! Old Movies, New Movies and sometimes Movies that are still in the theaters. Old TV shows and New ones with the latest episodes from most every Network archived with NO COMMERCIALS. Plus live TV for News, Sports and Weather! We also include Unlimited Music and Retro Video Gaming with over 30,000 Retro game titles!

The Internet. All content that can be played using ODI TV comes from multiple sources found on the internet

First- You need an existing internet connection.
ODI TV does not provide internet service with our support subscription.
Second- You need a TV with an HDMI port
Third- You need an ODI TV Support Subscription. As a subscriber, we provide you with the latest in streaming media hardware. Our Set Top Box connects to your TV and Internet (WiFI or Ethernet) and comes with a remote control, power supply and HDMI cord.
Fourth- About 5 minutes to set it all up!

Nothing! We provide it Free for your use and we maintain it as long as you are a subscriber. Each Set Top Box must be activated with ODI TV and we do charge an upfront $25 Activation Fee per Set Top Box needed. Your monthly subscription covers your support service and instant replacement of faulty hardware.

No, it’s Month to Month and you can cancel anytime after the first month. We do ask for a minimum 2 month comittment of FIRST and LAST Month to start service, but after that, cancel anytime with no cancellation fees or penalties.

No, your risk is the cost to start service that you prepaid for 60 days of ODI TV. Almost all of out subscribers continue their subscription after the first two months because they can save over a $1000 a year with ODI TV!

After your first 60 days just text, email or call us toll free with your desire to stop your support subscription and we will pull it from auto pay.

Yes, it is legal providing the content is not downloaded and saved to a device. Once the content is downloaded the laws have been broken. Our provided device and software will not allow content to be down loaded. ODI TV streams the content directly to your TV for your viewing but does not download the content. Therefore staying within the restrictions of the law. For a video on how ODI TV is legal, go to the “ABOUT US” section.

Not really, although we do have many news streams from local stations throughout the country and Canada, unless your favorite local station streams its content to the internet, it will not be available. Most likely you will be able to find a local affiliate within 100 miles of your home.

Although the device will work well with speeds as low as 5 mbs of download speed, we suggest a minimum of 15 mbs download speed for multiple TV households.

Yes, the device will allow you to stream live TV from most all countries around the world.

Yes, it is easily set up generally in about 5 minutes. Our website has easy to follow videos on how to install the device.

Yes, the ODI TV hardware will work anywhere as long as you have an internet or wifi connection (be aware, most hotel internet is too slow to properly stream high def content).