How It Works

It’s As Easy As 1,2, 3….or Choose, Click, Play!

Step 1: Sign Up For ODITV

Click the ‘Shop’ button at the top of the page, fill out your information and you’l be on your way to all the media content you’ve ever wanted!

Your ODI TV Box will arrive within 5 Business days

Step 2: Setup Your ODI TV!

Connect your ODI TV to your TV of choice, and to your high speed internet, using our easy to follow self install quick start guide and you’ll be on your way!

This will take about 5 minutes and everything needed is provided! An HDMI Cord, Power Supply Cord, and your Remote Control!

Step 3: Find Your Content

Utilizing our categorized, simplistic Interface you can quickly navigate to your favorite LIVE TV CHANNELS, watch a MOVIE, Binge watch your favorite TV SHOWS without commercials, listen to UNLIMITED MUSIC or even play one of 30,000 RETRO VIDEO GAMES (controller sold separate)!

The Internet is the largest repository of media content and ODITV gives you easy access to it

You know, the stuff we all want to watch on the screen of our choice, and ODI TV provides you with guided access to that content through our support for the hardware and software that allows you to CHOOSE, CLICK and PLAY the stuff you want.

Our easy to use Interface allows anyone who can work a TV remote, the ability to navigate and find content to enjoy!

When you CHOOSE a Movie, TV Show, Sporting Event, News program or
anything else you want to watch and you CLICK on it, the open source media player searches the internet for links to the content you chose.

The results of that search may reveal all links to the content chosen, regardless of where those links came from or how they got there or whether they work or not. In most cases, multiple links will be found for chosen content. This automatic redundancy assures chosen content can successfully be accessed even when some sources stop working.

At this point, our subscribers CLICK on one of the links found for their chosen content and PLAY the chosen stream.