ODI Media Inc.

Live TV, Movies on Demand, Retro Video Games - One Device

ODI TV Features

On Demand

All the good stuff on demand. And MUSIC Too!

Live TV

The Internet has numerous sources of LIVE TV and we bring you LIVE LOCAL TV from your area!

Live Sports / Special Events

Every city, every sport, world wide. More than you can handle!

Retro Gaming

30,000+ Retro games, from Commodore 64 to Nintendo 64, tap into your childhood!

Why Choose Us?


Stop getting roped into expensive Multi year long contracts! With our “pay as you go” $25 per Month ODI TV subscription plan, you’ll have our money saving streaming service for 60 days prepaid!


We Charge a One Time $49 flat Activation Fee PER ODI TV Set Top Box. Then its just $25 bucks a month is all you’ll pay. (2 month minimum) With no middlemen, taxes, or hidden fees, you’re getting your entertainment straight from the source – the Internet!


We send you a FREE ODI TV Set Top Box for every TV you want to set up! Now ANYONE can get the unlimited Movies, TV Shows, Sports, and Gaming they’ve always wanted!

Save Money, Get Content

Try ODI TV For Sixty Days for $99!

We provide you with the latest in streaming media hardware direct from our test center with no equipment charge! We only charge a ONE TIME $49 activation fee per ODI TV Box and then just $25 a month for the first 2 months of streaming support. The FREE streaming media hub provided comes with an HDMI cable, an easy to use Remote and the power cord. In the event of equipment failure, we simply replace it overnight. You never have to worry about rising equipment costs or fees. And we guarantee to replace it with the latest in streaming media technology!

We then provide you with monthly hardware and software support to access the content you want with CHOOSE, CLICK and PLAY ease!

Your Support Subscription provides you with a team of streaming media experts to text, email or call toll free to answer your questions and guide you to the content you want to play on your HD TV!

Don't Take Our Word For It!

Most of our customers subscribe to our service because they are tired of the rising costs and poor customer service they have experienced with cable and satellite companies. And after experiencing the ease of use and seeing the quality and reliability of On Demand Internet TV, many are eager to tell their friends and family!